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Email info@love-trees.com to find out how you can help Andrea give even more children a tree of their own or check out some of these ideas to help below.

What can I do to help?

• Plant a tree with a child.

• Follow Love Trees on Facebook and Twitter to help raise awareness – let the world know that kids need trees.

• Email your drawings of trees, photos of you and your favourite tree and / or you planting your Love Tree to info@love-trees.com to be featured in The Tree Gallery.

• Share your Wish for the Planet on Twitter, your blog, Facebook… Include the #wish4theplanet tag and a link to http://www.charitree-foundation.org/make-a-wish-for-the-planet so we can share your wish for the planet with the world!

• Make a donation to a children’s tree charity like The ChariTree Foundation to help give more kids trees!


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We Support LoveTrees

We love our Sponsors

Every time we put a tree in the hands of a child we are thinking of all of the wonderful people who have supported us and have taken steps to make this all possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are at the root of Love Trees success. ♥

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