lt004Why should we invest in planting more trees?

The world needs more trees. Trees stop erosion, produce oxygen, offset carbon emissions, remove toxins from the soil and water and provide food and habitats for many people and animals. Children around the world will suffer most from the impacts of climate change but they also hold the future of the planet in their hands. Having a Love Tree of their own to grow with them is great way to inspire them and show them that they have the power to make the world a better place.

What can I do to help?

• Plant a tree with a child.

• Follow Love Trees on Facebook and Twitter to help raise awareness – let the world know that kids need trees.

• Email your drawings of trees, photos of you and your favourite tree and / or you planting your Love Tree to info@love-trees.com to be featured in The Tree Gallery.

• Share your Wish for the Planet on Twitter, your blog, Facebook… Include the #wish4theplanet tag and a link tohttp://www.charitree-foundation.org/make-a-wish-for-the-planet so we can share your wish for the planet with the world!

• Make a donation to a children’s tree charity like The ChariTree Foundation to help give more kids trees!

Does Love Trees offer options for Green Weddings?

No we don’t sell wedding seedlings. Another idea is Wedding Tree Certificates: Order as many trees planted as you want in honor of your wedding or guests, add a special message to your tree planting certificate and either:

• mail a printed copy (printed on 100% tree-free recycled paper – available at Staples) to each of your guests with their thank you note or as a thank you note;
• frame a certificate and put it in the middle of each table at the reception or just have one at the gift table;
• roll a certificate up and tie it with a ribbon matching the wedding colors then place one at each place setting.