Meet our Founder

Inspired by her children’s love of nature, journalist, children’s book author, and social entrepreneur Andrea Koehle Jones founded Love Trees and The Charitree Foundation on Earth Day 2006.

“If children are going to make a lifelong commitment to protect the environment for themselves and future generations, they first need time to explore the wonders of nature,” said Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director of Love Trees. She says one of the best ways to learn about the environment is to plant, care for and watch a seedling grow into a magnificent tree.

Love Trees is a powerful environmental initiative funded by Love Trees sponsors and the tree certificates you buy for people you love.


Andrea has a Masters degree in journalism and another degree in geography with a focus on international development. She has worked as a journalist for CBC Newsworld International and Newsworld in Toronto, Yellowknife and Vancouver as well as for various communications and environmental organizations. Andrea is a former Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da program director and waterfront director and a recipient of the Canadian Camping Association’s Award of Excellence for her environmental education program that gives trees to children at summer camps. She is also an award-winning documentary producer and author of the The Wish Trees. A portion of profits from book are being donated to children’s tree projects. Andrea lives with her husband and two young children on a tree-topped island off the coast of Vancouver. She runs her global children’s tree programs from a home office and travels often.

“There’s something so hopeful about planting trees,” said Jones. “I’ll never forget the children we planted trees with in Africa and I’ll never stop trying to bring more children trees.” WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO

“Social entrepreneurship is the act of recognizing a social problem and innovating a solution using entrepreneurial principles. While business entrepreneurs seek profits and returns, social entrepreneurs measure their successes in social or environmental change.” (-mashable)